6 ways for singletons to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Our expert counsellors at Relate MTB do not just offer help to couples. Our wide range of expertise can help in lots of different situations.

Read our counsellors’ tips for singles on how to survive Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is all about love – so have a lovely time anyway! Show yourself some love with a comforting treat or two and share the love among your friends and family. Nothing will cheer you up like being appreciated for your effort and thought.

Have a Pals Party

However much it feels like you are the only one without a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be – so host a party to celebrate relationships with friends and invite your single mates round for a treat-filled evening of food, friendship and fun.

Spend the rest of the week out and about

Book up a hectic social life for every other night of the week so that on Valentine’s evening you’re grateful for an early Wednesday night. From exercise classes to get your endorphins – or happy hormones – going, to inviting friends round for a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Valentine’s) there’s lots to keep you busy.

Treat yourself

Spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day – why would you want to waste money on a Valentine anyway? Buy yourself that special something you have really wanted for ages. After all, you are the one who knows exactly what you like so there is no opportunity to get it wrong and have to put on that pretend  ‘It’s just what I wanted’ face.

Treat a friend or a stranger

Do something special to make someone else’s day, buy a coffee for the random person behind you in the queue in the café or have a cathartic clear out and deliver your unwanted good-as-new items to a charity shop. Is there a relative or a friend who is facing Valentine’s Day alone, perhaps for the first time? Book a visit in advance so that you both have something to look forward to on February 14th. Or be a really brave martyr and offer yourself as a babysitter so a couple you know can go out.

Let it out

Finally, if you are filled with dread as Valentine’s Day approaches don’t hold your feelings in, find a way to express them. Write them down, talk to a trusted friend or talk to Relate MTB about making an appointment with a professional relationship counsellor in confidence. Visit www.RelateMTB.co.uk for online advice or call 01628 625320 during office hours. You will also find information on our Facebook page – RelateMTB

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