Finding your ‘new normal’

Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation

Helping people affected by cancer in Berkshire with physical, emotional and practical support

Wanting to help people living with and moving on from cancer to find their ‘new normal’, the Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation team held two information days in January, which we at Relate Mid Thames and Buckinghamshire as we provide counselling as part of the rehabilitation programme offer.

With almost 300 patients and their relatives attending the events, the Rehab team had arranged a great range of speakers, covering the many NHS and voluntary sector services available to patients. There were talks about complementary therapies, such as massage, acupuncture and Tai chi, tips on how to eat more healthily, managing tiredness, getting physically active, returning to work and getting some counselling.

As well as the programme of speakers, other organisations which support cancer patients also had stands and displays.  Apart from our stand there was information on such things as travel insurance, wigs and support for carers.

There was also plenty of time during the breaks for patients and their families to talk to others, sharing experiences and support.

For more information contact the Rehab team on 01344 662909 or visit Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation

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