6 ways for singletons to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Our expert counsellors at Relate MTB do not just offer help to couples. Our wide range of expertise can help in lots of different situations.

Read our counsellors’ tips for singles on how to survive Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is all about love – so have a lovely time anyway! Show yourself some love with a comforting treat or two and share the love among your friends and family. Nothing will cheer you up like being appreciated for your effort and thought.

Have a Pals Party

However much it feels like you are the only one without a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be – so host a party to celebrate relationships with friends and invite your single mates round for a treat-filled evening of food, friendship and fun.

Spend the rest of the week out and about

Book up a hectic social life for every other night of the week so that on Valentine’s evening you’re grateful for an early Wednesday night. From exercise classes to get your endorphins – or happy hormones – going, to inviting friends round for a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Valentine’s) there’s lots to keep you busy.

Treat yourself

Spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day – why would you want to waste money on a Valentine anyway? Buy yourself that special something you have really wanted for ages. After all, you are the one who knows exactly what you like so there is no opportunity to get it wrong and have to put on that pretend  ‘It’s just what I wanted’ face.

Treat a friend or a stranger

Do something special to make someone else’s day, buy a coffee for the random person behind you in the queue in the café or have a cathartic clear out and deliver your unwanted good-as-new items to a charity shop. Is there a relative or a friend who is facing Valentine’s Day alone, perhaps for the first time? Book a visit in advance so that you both have something to look forward to on February 14th. Or be a really brave martyr and offer yourself as a babysitter so a couple you know can go out.

Let it out

Finally, if you are filled with dread as Valentine’s Day approaches don’t hold your feelings in, find a way to express them. Write them down, talk to a trusted friend or talk to Relate MTB about making an appointment with a professional relationship counsellor in confidence. Visit www.RelateMTB.co.uk for online advice or call 01628 625320 during office hours. You will also find information on our Facebook page – RelateMTB

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Thank you to the Louis Baylis Trust

January 2018

The Louis Baylis Trust, funded by our local newspaper the Advertiser, has generously supported our training programme with a grant of £1,600.  This money will contribute to the help we are able to give to victims of domestic abuse.

Centre Director Fiona Greenfield says: “Often people do not recognise that the way they treat each other is wrong. Domestic abuse can be controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour between intimate partners or family members. At Relate MTB we identify what is going on and we can then put the right plans in place”.

Training is a vital part of Relate MTB’s counselling service. All our qualified counsellors must complete Relates’ own high standard of training in addition to regular ongoing training and clinical supervision. This ensures that all the local people who we help receive the best possible service, tailored to their specific needs, regardless of their ability to pay. While people who are in a position to pay a fee do so, our Bursary Funding Scheme means that those who are not, are not turned away.

With the loss of our charity shop, due to redevelopment in Maidenhead, and reducing grants available from local authorities, the loyal support we receive from the Louis Baylis Trust means so much to all of us at relate MTB as well as to our clients.

The bonus is the coverage we receive in the Advertiser, which raises awareness of our service to people who really need our help – and that is a far wider service than simply marriage guidance. In 2016-17 we delivered 4,677 hours of counselling to nearly 2,000 local people and that is only possible due to the support of our counsellors and charitable organisations within our local communities.

If you would you like to hold a fundraising event for Relate MTB please email: enquiries@relatemtb.co.uk

To find out more about the Louis Baylis Trust visit www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk


Sad news – Relate charity shop to close

Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire (MTB) has had the Relate Charity Shop for 4 years to raise money for the Bursary Funding Scheme – this has enabled people to access high quality, professional relationship counselling regardless of whether they can afford the fee.  The shop will be sadly be opening its doors for the last time on Friday 5th January in the new year due to the demolishment of the Colonnade part of the Chapel Arches redevelopment.

But more than that, Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director, says it has become ‘a real community hub’ with people knowing they can drop in for a chat with Chris and to fuss Gracie, as well as picking up a bargain. The shop has gained a strong reputation as a ‘quirky, vintage-style boutique’.

Fiona wants to say a public thank you to Chris and Gracie (her dog), not just for the amount of money they have raised through their hard work and dedication, but also for acting as fantastic ambassadors for Relate MTB in the community. Also a massive thank you to all our loyal customers and for the amazingly kind donations over these past 4 years making it the shop that is  today.

Fiona says: “The town is going to be the poorer for not having Chris and Gracie, the Relate MTB shop and all the charity shops that make such a difference to our community above and beyond the money they raise. It has become a real community hub where everyone can call in and it’s such a shame that there isn’t a way that very low rent shops can be provided without having to rely on the goodwill of developers which means charity shops can have a very uncertain, short term future.”

Chris in the shop                                                                   Gracie helping to sort donations

Annual Meeting

Our wonderful and witty president, Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE joined us at the Relate MTB annual meeting.

We are very grateful to Tim, and to his wife, Christine, for giving their time and for supporting the valuable work that our counsellors do in our local communities.

Our Chair, Janice Campbell, outlined our progress in 2016-17 and the challenges facing us in the year ahead in raising money for our Bursary Funding Scheme and in meeting the demand for high quality, professional relationship counselling across East Berkshire and most of Buckinghamshire.

Relate MTB Trustee Rebecca Curley gave an insight into her role as a volunteer on the board and as an ambassador for Relate MTB in the community, spreading the word about our service and paying tribute to the counsellors saying: “I couldn’t be a Trustee without really believing in the people I am doing it for and the service you provide.”

Our Centre Director, Fiona Greenfield, thanked Rebecca and all the Trustees for their commitment and praised the Relate MTB counsellors and appointments and admin team for their skill and dedication.

Tim said: “Every year I come here and I’m reminded how worthwhile relate MTB’s service is. It is quite moving, I know how much goes into it and as President, I am very proud of the whole organisation.”

Shanly Foundation helps to build better relationships

Relate MTB’s Bursary Funding Scheme has received a generous donation from the Shanly Foundation.

Trustees have made a grant of £4,000 to our Bursary Funding Scheme, which will enable our team of counsellors to help local people build better relationships.

Relate MTB Centre Director, Fiona Greenfield, thanked the Shanly Foundation, saying: “Without the support of charitable organisations like the Shanly Foundation we simply would not be able to serve disadvantaged and vulnerable people within our local community, providing a high quality, reliable and confidential service for people who are feeling isolated and vulnerable.

“Thank you on behalf of our counsellors and all the people they help.”

For appointments and to find out more about Relate MTB counselling services, please call 01628 625320.

October 2017

Radio & TV times for counsellors

Our counsellors have taken to the airwaves and the small screen to spread the word about our work.

Marlow FM 97.5FM’s Mid-Morning Matters host, Mary Flavelle, interviewed a counsellor to discover the high level of training that goes into providing professional relationship counselling and the difference their help makes to local people.

Meanwhile community television station, That’s Thames Valley, featured our new counselling room in Windsor and gave viewers an insight into how accessible our counselling is and the wide range of issues that Relate MTB relationship counsellors can address.

Watch the full interview here:

For appointments and to find out more about Relate MTB counselling services, please call 01628 625320.

Picture shows Relate MTB’s new counselling room in Windsor featured on That’s Thames Valley.

October 2017

Chiltern District Council supports Relate MTB

Thank you to councillors who have recognised the difference that Relate MTB counselling makes to their community by supporting us.

Chiltern District Council has made a grant of £1,800 towards our Bursary Funding Scheme, enabling local residents to access professional relationship counselling regardless of their ability to pay.

Relate MTB Centre Director, Fiona Greenfield, said: “We are very grateful to councillors in Chiltern District for supporting our service for local residents, especially as we fully recognise the pressures on their budget. This grant will help us to make a much-needed and life-long difference to the lives of local families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.”

For appointments and to find out more about Relate MTB counselling services, please call 01494 791180.

September 2017

New counselling room in Windsor

We are delighted with our comfortable new counselling room in Windsor which is now open for appointments – thanks to support from Royal Borough councillor Wisdom da Costa.

Our counsellors and clients have been given a warm welcome by our hosts, Apple Physiotherapy, at their centre in Osborne Road and Cllr da Costa joined us to cut the ribbon after generously donating £500 to help with the rental cost.

Cllr Da Costa commented: “Relate MTB are here to help people, young and old, negotiate their way through the ups and downs of life. Their trained counsellors do a fantastic job and I would like to help couples and families move on positively in their journey through life.”

Relate MTB Centre Director, Fiona Greenfield, said: “We are very grateful to Cllr Wisdom Da Costa for his kind donation, with no statutory funding we are totally dependent on donations from charitable organisations and from people who appreciate the value to the community of the work we do.

“I also want to thank the Apple Physiotherapy team for making us so welcome in their lovely treatment centre.”

You can watch a short TV report about the new Windsor counselling room here:


For appointments and to find out more about Relate MTB counselling services, please call 01628 625320.

Picture shows Fiona Greenfield welcoming Cllr Wisdom da Costa to Relate MTB’s new counselling room in Apple Physiotherapy Centre, Osborne Road, Windsor.

September 2017


A big thank you to Louis Baylis Trust

On behalf of the thousands of people who will turn to Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire this year, and our team of professional relationship counsellors, I would like to publicly thank the Louis Baylis Trust for again supporting our Bursary Funding Scheme with a £2,000 grant.

Relate MTB is a stand-alone local charity and we rely on local donations and grants for all our funding. The continued support of the Louis Baylis Trust enables us to meet the growing need for counselling regardless of people in need’s ability to pay. In 2016-17 we provided counselling to 1,990 – and increase on the previous year and we are expecting that number to rise again in this current year.

The Louis Baylis Trust is supported by everyone who buys a copy of the Maidenhead Advertiser and the Windsor & Eton Express and, as a reader myself, I appreciate the important role that having reliable, quality newspapers plays in supporting our community, so I would like to extend my thanks also to all the staff and readers.

Fiona Greenfield
Centre Director

Relate supporter wins £250 on Vale Lottery

We are so pleased that one of our supporters has won £250 on the Vale Lottery.

This is a great way of supporting this organisation and ensuring we can continue to offer Bursary support. Last year 15% of all appointments were supported by the Bursary scheme – to continue to do this we must raise significant funds, and we do this through the support of local authorities including Aylesbury Vale and their lottery fund.