New and Retiring Trustees

New Trustees have been welcomed to Relate MTB as retiring supporters were thanked for their great support.

Michael Young (Treasurer), Bep Dhaliwel and Gill Monk were welcomed by Chair of Trustees Janice Campbell and Centre Director Fiona Greenfield at the charity’s annual meeting on Monday, November 19th .

President Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE took time out from Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue panel show to join Janice and Fiona in thanking retiring Treasurer Raymond Clarke and fellow Trustees Sue Mervyn-Jones and Janet Shaw for their ‘enormous contributions’ to the charity.

Tim’s wife, Christine, led the tributes to Raymond saying: “You have seen us through some ups and downs to the stable position that we are now in, a huge thank you for your loyalty, kindness and expertise.”

Centre Director Fiona Greenfield said: “Our Trustees play such an important role in ensuring that Relate MTB is here is provide relationship counselling for local people regardless of their ability to pay. It is thanks to them that our amazing counsellors are able to provide skilled support that makes so much difference to our local communities.

“Raymond, Sue and Janet have donated their time and skills to supporting us and we will miss them greatly. But I am delighted to welcome our new members, Michael, Bep and Gill, and we are looking forward to working alongside them.”

Chair Janice Campbell told the meeting that it has been a busy and successful year for Relate MTB, providing relationship counselling at 7 locations across East Berkshire and most of Buckinghamshire. She thanked funders and donors, saying: “Thanks to their support we continue to offer bursaries to people unable to meet the full fee of counselling, including highly vulnerable people.

“Our main asset is our staff and I warmly thank them for their continuing commitment to our clients and to Relate MTB.”



Chiltern District Council Grant Award

The difference Relate MTB makes to local residents and communities has been recognised with a grant of £1,260 from Chiltern District Council.

We are committed to providing high quality relationship counselling and those who are unable to pay can apply for support from our Bursary Funding Scheme.

Currently 17% of sessions we deliver are partly or fully funded by the Bursary Funding Scheme, money which is raised entirely by Relate MTB, replying on the support of local authorities, charitable organisations and trusts that value the difference we make.

Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director, thanked the councillors and officers of Chiltern District Council, saying: “We are delighted that Chiltern District Council continues to recognise the difference our relationship counselling is making to people from all walks of life, in so many different circumstances. By improving the relationship skills of local people of all ages and backgrounds, we improve skills in communicating with and building relationships with people across communities. From feedback from our clients we know that our counselling can have  a life-long impact.”

In 2017-18 Relate MTB delivered counselling sessions to more than 200 people living in Chiltern District.


Huge help from a world in miniature

Bekonscot Model village is a miniature world that makes a huge difference and Relate MTB is delighted to be one of the many local charities and good causes that it supports, through the Roland Callingham Foundation.

The late Roland Callingham created Bekonscot, the world’s oldest and original model village and railway set in the 1930s, that attracts many visitors every year. He was a great supporter of charities, particularly those that served the local community and now, not only does the foundation maintain the village, its surplus funds enable grants to local charities operating in Buckinghamshire.

Thanks to the generosity of the Trustees, we have been awarded £1,000 towards our Bursary Funding Scheme which means that Relate MTB’s professional and high quality relationship counselling can be accessed by local couples, families and individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director of Relate MTB, said: “We are very grateful to the Roland Callingham Foundation for its continued support. We are lucky to have such a fascinating attraction in our neighbourhood and delighted that through Roland Callingham’s inspirational village we can continue helping to improve local people’s relationships, well-being and life chances through professional counselling.”

Find out more about Bekonscot at

South Bucks District Council

Building resilient communities is a key focus for many local authorities and the work of Relate MTB’s team of professional counsellors in this area has again been recognised with a grant from South Bucks District Council.

In 2017-18 we delivered 286 counselling appointments to South Bucks residents with many relying on our Bursary Funding Scheme to enable them to access this valuable support, guiding vulnerable and in-need local families, couples and individuals to build stronger relationships, giving insight into how to cope in the difficult and stressful times so many of us face, sharing life-long skills in achieving safe and healthy relationships that support our well-being and improving life-chances.

Fiona Greenfield, Relate MTB Centre Director, said: “We thank South Bucks District Council for contributing £1,100 to our Bursary Funding Scheme and for their continued support for our work supporting our local communities. With no statutory funding and as a stand-alone local charity we rely on local authorities recognising the important contribution we make to building resilient communities and supporting people’s well-being through strong and safe relationships.”


Our ACE role model in support of Couples Therapy

We’re feeling inspired by the great Billie Jean King who talked about the benefits of Couples Therapy on Desert Island Discs (listen on BBC iPlayer

Billie Jean is a role model in so many ways as winner of 39 Grand Slam tennis titles, 20 Wimbledon titles and for equal rights for women.

Did you know that Relate MTB provides Couples Therapy? Find out more about how we can support your relationships at:


Louis Baylis Trust supports Relate MTB Bursary Funding Scheme

Thanks to the generous support of the Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust our Bursary Funding Scheme has received a grant of £2,000.

The Bursary is funded entirely by donations and supports local people in receiving professional relationship counselling, regardless of their ability to pay. In May [2018] 17% of sessions were either wholly or partly funded by our Bursary.

Centre Director Fiona Greenfield welcomed the Trust’s support and added: “We appreciate the huge number of applications for grants the Louis Baylis Trust receives and their continued support means so much to us, both in terms of the number of people we can help and also in knowing that they value the work that we continue to do locally.”

The Trust owns Baylis Media Ltd which publishes our local newspapers, the Maidenhead Advertiser and the Windsor & Slough Express,  receiving at least 80 per cent of the company’s profits. It uses these to help fund charities, community groups and good causes in Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough and the surrounding areas, which is unique in the world of local newspapers.

You can read more at:


Relate receives donation from Bucks’ Freemasons

Bucks’ Freemasons recently donated £1000 through the Heart of Bucks Foundation to Relate Mid Thames and Buckinghamshire to purchase a new computer and some phone compatible headsets for use by the counsellors and appointments team.

We have a head office in Maidenhead, and offices throughout Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire and although Relate MTB is a member of the national Relate Federation we are an entirely independent charity, relying on fundraising to provide professional counselling to local people regardless of their ability to pay, through its Bursary Funding Scheme.

Relate MTB counsels more than 1,000 people of all ages in the local area each year, on matters such as depression, cancer (in association with Macmillan nurses), mental health issues and all types of relationship problems, (including loneliness).

Fiona Greenfield, the Centre Director of Relate Mid Thames and Buckinghamshire, said: “We would like to thank Bucks Freemasons for this very generous donation. Our appointments team and counsellors work extremely hard for our clients and having the use of a modern headset to talk will leave them able to take notes while taking calls from clients.”

Andrew Hough, secretary of the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund, added: “Relate does extremely necessary and important work throughout our area and we are very pleased to be able to help them with this donation. It is just one of the varied ways in which Bucks Freemasons’ core values of Friendship, Integrity and Charity are used to benefit the local community and underline our commitment to assisting all the members of our society.”

More information on Bucks’ Freemasonry can be found at:

For more about Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire’s services visit:

The picture shows Fiona Greenfield, Centre Director of Relate Mid Thames & Buckinghamshire, juggling the phone whilst trying to take notes.



We’re good at talking – invite us to your group

March 2018

Relate MTB plays an important role in our communities’ wellbeing and one of our counsellors was pleased to meet an active community group to talk about the difference we make.

Marlow Bridge Rotary Club gained an expert insight into the vital role of Relate’s relationship counselling. As a small, local charity we make no profit from our services – in fact we need more donations to help us meet the cost of providing professional counselling to local individuals, couples and families regardless of their ability to pay.

The Rotary members were surprised by the wide range of counselling we provide for people of all ages – improving mental health and wellbeing, enabling separated couples to continue to co-parent, supporting step families in building new, healthy relationships, helping older people’s relationships to thrive, counselling for cancer patients and their carers, identifying victims of coercion and abuse, and offering sex therapy.

We enjoyed meeting everyone and thank Marlow Bridge Rotary Club for their support.

If you would like Relate MTB to speak at your community group meeting, please email

Find out more about our counselling services.

Make a donation.

6 ways for singletons to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Our expert counsellors at Relate MTB do not just offer help to couples. Our wide range of expertise can help in lots of different situations.

Read our counsellors’ tips for singles on how to survive Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is all about love – so have a lovely time anyway! Show yourself some love with a comforting treat or two and share the love among your friends and family. Nothing will cheer you up like being appreciated for your effort and thought.

Have a Pals Party

However much it feels like you are the only one without a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be – so host a party to celebrate relationships with friends and invite your single mates round for a treat-filled evening of food, friendship and fun.

Spend the rest of the week out and about

Book up a hectic social life for every other night of the week so that on Valentine’s evening you’re grateful for an early Wednesday night. From exercise classes to get your endorphins – or happy hormones – going, to inviting friends round for a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Valentine’s) there’s lots to keep you busy.

Treat yourself

Spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day – why would you want to waste money on a Valentine anyway? Buy yourself that special something you have really wanted for ages. After all, you are the one who knows exactly what you like so there is no opportunity to get it wrong and have to put on that pretend  ‘It’s just what I wanted’ face.

Treat a friend or a stranger

Do something special to make someone else’s day, buy a coffee for the random person behind you in the queue in the café or have a cathartic clear out and deliver your unwanted good-as-new items to a charity shop. Is there a relative or a friend who is facing Valentine’s Day alone, perhaps for the first time? Book a visit in advance so that you both have something to look forward to on February 14th. Or be a really brave martyr and offer yourself as a babysitter so a couple you know can go out.

Let it out

Finally, if you are filled with dread as Valentine’s Day approaches don’t hold your feelings in, find a way to express them. Write them down, talk to a trusted friend or talk to Relate MTB about making an appointment with a professional relationship counsellor in confidence. Visit for online advice or call 01628 625320 during office hours. You will also find information on our Facebook page – RelateMTB

Thanks to Connor Wells @thegoldenmafia at Unsplash for the image



Thank you to the Louis Baylis Trust

January 2018

The Louis Baylis Trust, funded by our local newspaper the Advertiser, has generously supported our training programme with a grant of £1,600.  This money will contribute to the help we are able to give to victims of domestic abuse.

Centre Director Fiona Greenfield says: “Often people do not recognise that the way they treat each other is wrong. Domestic abuse can be controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour between intimate partners or family members. At Relate MTB we identify what is going on and we can then put the right plans in place”.

Training is a vital part of Relate MTB’s counselling service. All our qualified counsellors must complete Relates’ own high standard of training in addition to regular ongoing training and clinical supervision. This ensures that all the local people who we help receive the best possible service, tailored to their specific needs, regardless of their ability to pay. While people who are in a position to pay a fee do so, our Bursary Funding Scheme means that those who are not, are not turned away.

With the loss of our charity shop, due to redevelopment in Maidenhead, and reducing grants available from local authorities, the loyal support we receive from the Louis Baylis Trust means so much to all of us at relate MTB as well as to our clients.

The bonus is the coverage we receive in the Advertiser, which raises awareness of our service to people who really need our help – and that is a far wider service than simply marriage guidance. In 2016-17 we delivered 4,677 hours of counselling to nearly 2,000 local people and that is only possible due to the support of our counsellors and charitable organisations within our local communities.

If you would you like to hold a fundraising event for Relate MTB please email:

To find out more about the Louis Baylis Trust visit