with effect from end August 2018 – we were sorry to inform you the funded counselling support that had been offered as part of the Berkshire Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation Programme ceased due to funding restraints. For more than four years, Relate MTB were hugely proud to be part of this holistic, patient focused service which empowered people with cancer to self-manage and move forward and which was the winner of the Nursing Times Award 2015 for Cancer Nursing.

However we are so pleased to announce that in early 2019 we shall be offering a service to cancer patients and their partner/ carer in Buckinghamshire.

Relate is supported by Macmillan to offer patients funded counselling support. To qualify for this service you must be under the care of a BHT (Buckinghamshire Health Trust) Consultant.

For more information about how to be referred to this service please call or email us. 

More details to follow shortly