Thank you to the Louis Baylis Trust

January 2018

The Louis Baylis Trust, funded by our local newspaper the Advertiser, has generously supported our training programme with a grant of £1,600.  This money will contribute to the help we are able to give to victims of domestic abuse.

Centre Director Fiona Greenfield says: “Often people do not recognise that the way they treat each other is wrong. Domestic abuse can be controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour between intimate partners or family members. At Relate MTB we identify what is going on and we can then put the right plans in place”.

Training is a vital part of Relate MTB’s counselling service. All our qualified counsellors must complete Relates’ own high standard of training in addition to regular ongoing training and clinical supervision. This ensures that all the local people who we help receive the best possible service, tailored to their specific needs, regardless of their ability to pay. While people who are in a position to pay a fee do so, our Bursary Funding Scheme means that those who are not, are not turned away.

With the loss of our charity shop, due to redevelopment in Maidenhead, and reducing grants available from local authorities, the loyal support we receive from the Louis Baylis Trust means so much to all of us at relate MTB as well as to our clients.

The bonus is the coverage we receive in the Advertiser, which raises awareness of our service to people who really need our help – and that is a far wider service than simply marriage guidance. In 2016-17 we delivered 4,677 hours of counselling to nearly 2,000 local people and that is only possible due to the support of our counsellors and charitable organisations within our local communities.

If you would you like to hold a fundraising event for Relate MTB please email:

To find out more about the Louis Baylis Trust visit


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